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Key Cutting iconLosing a set of car, home or business keys can be a very frustrating experience. The loss will happen when you least expect and will turn around all your plans for that day. We can replace all types of keys for cars, offices and homes among other areas.

Getting your keys replaced when your originals are lost is a need that can be overwhelming. You will need an immediate replacement when your car keys get lost. However getting an immediate replacement can be difficult if you choose the wrong locksmith for the job. We use automatic and modern key cutting tools that create exact duplicates of all types of keys in minutes. This is the service you require when you lose your car keys and nerves are getting heated up.

This key cutting service is provided for the conventional keys as well as the digital keys. Most cars today are designed with transponder keys which are a type of digital key. The transponder keys can open the car mechanically and also remotely by pressing a button on the key. If your transponder keys get lost, you need a technician who will not only cut the physical key but also program the transponder chip inside the key so that it can be in sync with the mechanics and electronics of the car.

The replacement of a transponder key requires knowledge on the electronic circuitry of the car and how the key fits in the whole system. You also require special machines and computer programs that will reprogram the transponder chip. We have all these tools in our workshop and can replace all types of transponder keys.

Our key cutting service is one area that we have specialized in and one of the locksmith niches that we have really developed. The cost of the key cutting service varies with the type of key to be replaced but is in all cases fixed and not charged according to the hours it would take to create the keys. This makes our key cutting Halifax service quite affordable for all types of keys. In case you lose your car keys, you will have to give documentation to our technicians that you are the bonafide car owner. This is not a bureaucratic practice but one that is meant at enhancing security. Some people may pretend to be the rightful owners of a car so that they may be availed a spare key that they will use to steal the car in future or do other harmful activities with the spare keys.

You can get further informed about our key cutting Halifax locksmith service on our website or through correspondence with our customer care team whose contacts are in telephone directories.

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